Monday, 5 August 2013

"Mudik" back to village

Every year, nearby Hari Raya, usually 1 week before Hari Raya, Indonesian people always have unique culture. It's call "mudik", this is the condition that people from big city or place their have work, moving to the their hometown or village.

The transportation that they use are various, like public transportation using bus, train, ship, plane or private vechicle like motorcycle and car.

In this time, they must prepare all things, such as they must buy ticket 1 month before departure time, or they can buy 1 week before but make them to gambling that the ticket still avail uable or already sold out.

In case, for public transportation like train. They can reserve 1 month before departure time, they can buy to the station, via online official website, go to travel agent, or buy in official convinience store.. so easy.

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