Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Style On Blogger "Dinamic View"

Blogger make some experiment about styling blog with "Dinamic View", that's mean we can get template our blog with changing style when we visit blog page.

Blogger provide us with 7 dinamic style:

  • Classic
  • Flipcard
  • Magazine
  • Mozaic
  • Sidebar
  • Snapshot
  • Timeside

we can get some experience about reading blog and some interesting with our style, and this style can be special base on each blog and blog content.

but, one thing where big our question is Widget? How about widgets in blogger? because in dinamic view, i don't see my widget in my blog, just blog content, maybe it's will be clean with our blog, but we still need our  widget to design our blog as we like.

Overall i like this (Dinamic View) innovation on Blogger, because without innovation, will be lost with other.

So, happy blogging all :)

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